Điện thoại chuông cửa nội bộ intercom CM810M
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Điện thoại chuông cửa nội bộ intercom CM810M
Open Voice COMMAX Intercom System
Sản phẩm này phù hợp cho các bệnh viện, văn phòng tổng hợp, trường học và trạm bảo vệ. Đây là máy liên lạc chất lượng tốt nhất với giọng nói rõ ràng lắp đặt ở bất cứ nơi nào.

Liên lạc nội bộ CM-810M
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Wall surface mount
Table mount type
Distance : 300m( 0.65)
Up to 10 channels
"Call, Lock, Talk" buttons
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It is suitable for hospitals, general offices, schools and guard station. It is the best quality intercom with clear voice talk in any place

10 channels

It can connect and talk up to 10 units of CM-810M

Power Source DC12V 250mA
Mounting type Wall mounting / Desktop
Wiring 3 wired+ n
Dimension 183X169X41mm
Distance 300m(0.65Φ standard)
Temperature 0(℃)~40(℃)
Connect up to max.10 units
Volume adjustment function
Call and ID FND display
Using at hospital, Security guard, office
Mutual talk/PTTfunction
* Since 1968, we’ve been making product f-rom simple intercoms to cutting edge home automation systems to make your environment a more safe and comfortable place * Now, with our doorphones, your home or office is about to be come even more pleasant with features like remote door release and communication with visitors without having to open your front door * Our interphone system effectively facilitate inter-office communication * Up to 10 stations this system can be designed to meet a wide variety of needs, applicable f-rom business, hospital, restaurant and housing arrangements * Adjustable sound level depending on installation site * Push-to-talk at calling master, and hands-free conversation at responding station * Voice Volume control * Indicating in-use status * Calling ID display on FND display * Privacy button to prevent eavesd-ropping
Power source   DC 12V, 250mA
Dimension   254 x 155 x 53(mm)
Mounting type   Wall surface mounted type & table type
Temperature   0°C ~ +40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
Wiring   2 wires +n (number of unit)