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Điện thoại hội nghị Polycom SoundStation2
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Điện thoại hội nghị Polycom SoundStation2

Mã sản phẩm: SoundStation2 Đăng ngày 02-01-2013 12:29:26 AM - 3064 Lượt xem

Giá : 11 900 000 VND / 1 bộ

Điện thoại hội nghị Polycom SoundStation2

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Polycom® SoundStation2™
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  • Up to 10ft unidirectional microphone pick up range
  • 3 cardioid microphones provide 360-degree coverage
  • Easy installation by connecting into any analog phone jack
  • Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction
  • Intelligent mix select the microphone closest to speaker
  • Amplified Loud Speaker for voice clarity

SoundStation 2
Product Type Conference Phone
Display 132x65 pixel backlit graphical LCD
Audio Polycom Acoustic Clarity full duplex – IEEE 1329
Up to 10 ft. microphone pick-up range
Gated microphones with intelligent microphone mixing
Dynamic noise reduction
User interface User selectable ring tones
Configurable soft keys for easy dialing of voice conferencing services
Caller ID and phone book ETSI, DTMF,British Telecom,  Phone book/speed dial list – up to 25 entries
Keypad 3 context sensitive soft keys , 12-key telephone keypad
Console loudspeaker Frequency response: 300 to 3300 Hz , Volume: adjustable to 94 dBA
Console microphones 3 cardioid microphones 300 to 3500 Hz
Interfaces 3 cardioid microphones 300 to 3500 Hz , RCA Auxiliary audio jack
Numbers SoundStation2, non expandable
SoundStation2, non- expandable, with display
SoundStation2, expandable, with display
Extension microphone kit

Phụ kiện bao gồm:
  • Tabletop phone console
  • 21 ft. (6.4 m) cord to console
  • 7 ft. (2.1 m) telco cable to RJ-11 telephone jack
  • User documentation (user guide CD, quick installation guide, registration card)
Số ký tự được gõ là 250

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